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Canadian ETF screener

I recently came across a website that offers a web-based screener for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on Canadian exchanges. Its free and apparently the first of its kind (so the site claims).
Youll find it on the website of PUR Investing Inc., a Canadian investment counseling firm that designs tailored ETF portfolios for investors. One of the principals is Mark Yamada, who has had over 30 years of investment experience as an analyst, portfolio manager and chief investment officer (at Manulife Financial, Sun Life Investment Management Co., Guardian Capital Advisors LP, etc.).
The screener, called P?R CONSTRUCTS Screener, filters ETFs by five factors: 1) diversification, 2) cost, 3) liquidity, 4) tax efficiency, and 5) tracking error. Its fairly easy to use: just move the cursors up or downon one of more ofthe five factors to see which are the best ETFs for your preferences.
The website also has other tools.