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Canada's priorities at the G20

I wrote an articletoday about what Canada will likely talk about at the G20 protectionism and showing off Canada’s financial system. To add to that, I received a press release tonight from Stephen Harper’s office outlining his priorities for the summit.
Here’s the main part:
1. Fixing the financial system to get credit flowing, including taking action on impaired assets and ensuring sufficient capitalization of financial institutions.
2. Implementation of coordinated stimulus activity in an effective and expedited manner.
3. Avoiding protectionism and strengthening trade and investment flows, including concrete steps to further open-up global trade. Canada is urging member countries to task the World Trade Organization to report on contraventions to this pledge.
4. Strengthening financial market regulation through sound domestic regulation complemented by international coordination and monitoring. Canadas contribution to Working Group 1 has provided a clear blueprint for this regulatory change.