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Building CSR Partnerships

Partnerships between corporations and non-profit organizations are a cornerstone of effective corporate social responsibility programs. Executed properly, partnerships can increase engagement among employees and external stakeholders, and provide corporations with credibility, new communications opportunities, and new sales channels.
Recognizing the growing importance of partnerships, Queen’s School of Businesshas introduced a new executive learning program called Building Strategic Partnerships for Social Responsibility. This 2-day interactive workshop is intended to help participants make a strong business case for non-profit partnerships in their companies, understand what it takes to foster an authentic non-profit partnership, and leverage and execute non-profit partnerships with better business outcomes.
I’ll be helping to lead this session with two professors from Queen’s who are internationally-recognized authorities on CSR, Dr Jay Handelman and Dr. Tina Dacin.
People interested in this workshop can contact Queen’s at 1-888-393-2338 or click on the link above for more information.