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Buffett's switch to stocks

Buffett is 78. Why is he switching to 100% stocks from 100% government bonds in his personal account? As financial planners and advisers say repeatedly, stocks are for the long run. Only young people should have everything in stocks; someone close to 80 years old should have about 80% of their assets in bonds and other conservative assets.
Buffett wrote a New York Times articleexplaining his reasons for buying stocks. It has his usual clearheaded explanation for why now is a good time to buy stocks. Everyone is fearful so its time to be greedy. But there wasnt any explanation why he was ignoring a basic precept of financial planning.
Is he buying out of force of habit? Markets are down, so he buys stocks just like he always has for half a century? Could it be the emperordoesnt have any clothes on?
More likely there are some caveats to the conventional approach to portfolio management over the lifecycle. Maybe an all-stock portfolio is OK for a 78 year old when they have a modest lifestyle and a nest egg large enough to live for decades off dividends and draw downs of principal regardless of market conditions? Or maybe his personal estate is to be passed on to his beneficiaries with the stipulation that it be disbursed in stages over the long run?
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