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Buffett’s one good idea

Another Woodstock of Capitalism has come and gone at Omaha, Nebraska. Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway have returned to their homes. The Warren and Charlie show was once again a big hit.
The two have said in the past they would be happy if they could come up with one good investment idea every year. Well, according to 13-F filings, it looks like that one good idea right now is Burlington Northern ( BNI).
Berkshire has been steadily accumulating shares in the railway-freight company since mid-2007. The latest purchase, in January, raised Berkshire Hathaways stake in the company to over 21%. Burlington Northern is now one of Berkshire Hathaways largest holdings. No other recent Berkshire Hathawayinvestments have attracted such consistent and substantial accumulation.
Interestingly, you can now buy BNI cheaper than Buffet and Munger. The prices they paid range mostly between $75 and $80. The current price is just under $70.