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The craziest Black Friday videos: Are these deals literally worth fighting for?

Black Friday is here again—and mostly over if you wanted to take advantage of those early morning hour deals across the border.

Once again, the Internet has provided us with a new crop of insane footage of people ransacking their local Walmarts and Targets in their efforts to get discounts on television sets and Xbox Ones. Below is a compilation of some of the most fascinating brawls from this year, as well as Black Fridays past. Is all this insanity really worth the money?

One of the newest Black Friday videos to appear online is this clip of a woman getting arrested at an unidentified Walmart while apparently fighting over a discounted TV. Instead of a flat-screen she was presented with handcuffs, free of charge.

It’s a little difficult to tell if the guy in the orange coat in this video (which according to Gawker was filmed on Black Friday this year in North Carolina), is a villain or a hero. He already had an item in his hands when he started pushing his way back into the pile, so perhaps he was assisting someone in trouble. Then again, it is Black Friday.

In previous years, Black Friday has gotten even more out of control. This video was filmed during a Black Friday pepper spray incident in Los Angeles in 2011. Twenty people were treated for minor injuries, and according to CNN, the woman responsible was able to pay for her purchases and leave before police arrived, but later turned herself in.

Here we have a police officer warding people off with a taser gun during a Black Friday Walmart sale in 2011:

This video of Black Friday 2010 shoppers being trampled at a Target store in Buffalo is particularly unnerving, as people can be heard screaming at others to get off of them after they’ve fallen at the doorway. Once the trampled are finally free, a few of them have to rest and take deep breaths in order to recover:

And finally, this compilation video uploaded in 2012 acts as a highlight reel for even more Black Friday madness. The opening clip in particular brings to mind a zombie apocalypse.

Happy Black Friday, everyone.