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Best of the blogs poll

I see that the Globe and Mails business section is taking a poll for best Canadian blogs in the personal-finance and investing categories. Yours truly was somehow nominated in the investing category. If you are interested in seeing who else is in the running, go to Vote: Best of the money blogs. Voting ends on Monday, I believe.
Canadian Capitalist injected some levity into the proceedings. He said earlier in the week: some of the nominees “seem to be planning on shaking a lot of hands and kissing a lot of babies to get readers to the polling booth. We could save a lot of babies a lot of emotional stress by voting early!
A running tally of the voting shows Investing Ideas about in the middle of the pack for the investing blogs. Canadian Couch Potatoblogis in second place in the investing category. Thats pretty impressive after just starting up earlier this year. Its a testament to the power of the growing popularity of the passive-investing movement as well as the authors research and writing skills.
There are many other fine Canadian financial blogs/personal websites that were not on the ballot. Canadian Capitalist does not appear, of course, because he was on panel.