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Best-of-the-blogs poll: standings

I thought the Globe and Mails Best-of-the-Blogs poll was suppose to end at noon today going by what the website says. But the tallies keep changing so it looks like the voting is still going on. Anyway, its now virtually certain who the winners will be.
Where Does All My Money Gowill finish No. 1 in the investment category and Squawkfoxwill do the same in the personal-finance category. Congratulations to both!
Yours truly appears headed for third spot in the investment category. Thanks very much to those who voted. I hope I can continue to earn your support, and improve further upon the offering.
The table below ranks the blogs in the investment category by vote totals as of 8PM Monday. The Globe and Mails percentage calculations appeared to be off somewhat, so the table shows what should be more accurate figures for them.
Ive got to lose this build-it-and-they-will-come attitude if Im ever in another poll. It didnt occur to me until yesterday to get serious about asking friends and relatives for their vote. And yesterday being Sunday, not much more could be done other than to ask my spouse and sister for their vote. As it turned out, my spouse never did vote as she found the websiteconfusing!
I thought some of the blogs deserved to get more votes. In particular, Michael James on Moneyand How To Invest Onlineshould have got more, in my opinion. One can learn a lot from them.
WhereDoesAllMyMoneyGo.com945 (24.24%) Canadian Couch Potato798 (20.47%) Larry MacDonald 574 (14.72%) Think Dividends456 (11.70%) Canadian Financial DIY 426 (10.93%) Humble Student of the Market390 (10.00%) HowToInvestOnline.com310 (7.95%) Total3,899 (100.00%)