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Ben & Jerry's bring Fair Trade to Twitter

Ice cream brand grabs unused tweet characters to promote World Fair Trade Day.

To a certain extent, Twitter’s 140-character limit has forced many to favour brevity in their online lives. But, perhaps surprisingly, not every tweet uses up all its available space. Now, Ben & Jerry’s has launched an app to make use of those cast-aside characters to raise awareness for World Fair Trade Day on May 14th.

With the help of its ad agency, New York-based Amalgamated (who’s founding partner Charles Rosen is a Canadian expat), the brand set up Once you sign up, messages will automatically append themselves to your tweets, using up whatever characters you haven’t for fair trade-friendly hashtags like, “support #FairTrade” or #WorldFairTradeDay, as well as links to articles and sites on fair trade.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the company’s crunchy Vermont roots, that it would support a cause promoting sustainability and fair treatment of food producers. A huge part of Ben & Jerry’s brand strength has come from its commitment to local farms and sourcing ingredients responsibly. Well that, and Chunky Monkey.