Battle of the Ad Beefcake: Fabio challenges Old Spice Guy to an 'internets duel'

Old Spice hires veteran Man-Model as the New Old Spice Guy, orchestrates online showdown with old Old Spice Guy.

The Old Spice Guy garnered a lot of praise, criticism, awards, tweets and laughs. Now, he’s got an enemy. This month the brand unveiled Fabio, he of flowing locks and romance novel covers, to be its “New Old Spice Guy.” Today the veteran man-model has challenged original Man Your Man Could Smell Like to an “internets duel” in this video and on Twitter.

Sure, the chiseled Italian has plenty of past ad experience, but considering Wieden + Kennedy Portland’s recent digital awards haul for the old Old Spice Guy, it’ll be no easy task. Just what this duel will actually be, no one knows, but it all goes down at 9 a.m. (PST) tomorrow.

It’s hard to imagine anything getting the traction or hype the brand got last year with Isaiah Mustafa (OPRAAAAAH!), but the Fabio spots bring enough funny — “He give you diamonds from a clamfish?” — to land somewhere between Will Ferrell and Bruce Campbell. Or maybe Doogie Howser and Random Manly Guy. Either way, colour us intrigued.