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Bad Vibrations: Canada Post strike hits sex toy industry hard

Canadian retailer PinkCherry cites huge losses due to shipping costs and warns consumers of impending impact on product prices.

With the recent rolling strikes of Canada Post workers and this morning’s lockout by the Crown corporation, Canadians are experiencing a significant slowdown of service. And while many bemoan the tardiness of bills, birthday cards and grocery store coupons, more serious consequences at stake here.

PinkCherry Adult Toys has announced that the strike is costing the company more than $1,000 a day in shipping costs and if the postal dispute continues for much longer consumers will feel the impactand not the sort many were hoping for.

PinkCherry CEO Dan Freedman acknowledged that while many see the impact of a strike lessened by the presence of digital substitutions like e-mail and online billing, among other things, it still should not be underestimated.

“I keep hearing that Canada Post is obsolete in the news, but that is far from the truth for a business like PinkCherry,” said Freedman, in a statement. “At a time when the economy is still on shaky ground, businesses in Canada should not have to absorb further stress.”

The Toronto-based novelty company started its e-commerce business in 2008 and boasts over 5,000 products in its 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse. PinkCherry offers free shipping. Since the strike began, it now uses UPS and refuses to pass on the price increase to consumers.

We can only hope that both the union and Canada Post can see it within themselves to resolve this crisis quickly and once again ensure that neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed roundsand the delivery of edible undergarments.