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Andrew W.K. is the newest... Playtex spokesman?

Time for a Fresh+Sexy party.

There is nothing not completely weird about this. It is an onion featuring many layers of weirdness. But let’s start with the latest news, that party rocker Andrew W.K. has been named the spokesman for Playtex’s Fresh+Sexy Wipes. A product that does exactly what you think it does.


In a press release, W.K. said “Whether you just finished rocking a packed club or have an intimate encounter after a busy day, this product will make couples feel brand new. Fresh + Sexy Wipes were specially designed to help couples feel confidently clean, before and after they engage in sexual activity!”

The move comes just more than a month after Playtex unleashed its newest product, Fresh+Sexy Wipes onto the masses—combining the company’s vast experience with baby wipes and intimate parts into a a whole new brand. It came with a very academic-sounding “Fresh+Sexy Report” that found, among other things, that 22% of sexually active Canadians have had sex with more than one person at the same time and 8% of Canadians have done it in a canoe. This is science, people.

The marketing campaign for these new adult wipes included subtle slogans like, “A clean peach always gets picked,” “A polished knob always gets more turns,” and “A clean beaver always finds more wood.”

On its choice of spokesman, the company said in a statement that they were looking for “someone who could party hard, but still be clean when it counted” and W.K. fit the bill. With songs like “Party Hard,” Time to Party,” “Long Live the Party,” and “Party Party Party,” it’s safe to say that the word party could make an appearance in future Fresh+Sexy advertising.

(Via Pitchfork)