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Alternate Energy Companies

How big are the world’s publicly traded green energy companies? We searched Bloomberg to look at the largest companies by revenue involved in the nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, geothermal and fuel cell industries. Here is where they are, what they do, how big they are on a trailing 12-month basis in Canadian dollars and stock market performance for the 12 months ended May 20, 2009. There are a lot of other companies of this nature out there. For example, Hydro Quebecand BC Hydrohad revenues of $12.7 and $4.9 billion respectively, but you can buy the stock of any of the companies listed below
Areva SAof France manufactures uranium and metallic fuels, constructs nuclear plants and generates and distributes electricity. Areva had a profit of $902 million on annual revenues of $20.6 billion. It’s stock lost 46% of its value over the last year.
Oesterreichische Elektrizitaetswirtschafts AG(Verbund), of Austria is the world’s largest publicly traded hydro company by revenue. It made $1.1 billion on last year’s revenues of $5.9 billion. It’s stock declined 35% in the past year.
Iberdrola Renovables SAof Spain blows in as the largest power from wind company. Last year’s revenues of $3.2 billion resulted in profits of $609 million and shares dropped 23% over the year.
First Solar Inc. in the United States, manufactures solar modules and generated $500 million in profit on $1.7 billion in sales making it the largest company involved in the solar energy industry. Shares fell 35% in the last year.
Energy Development Corp. of the Philippines generated $31 million of profit on $493 million in revenues derived from the production of geothermal energy. Stock dropped 32% during the year.
Fuel Cell Energy Inc. of the United States develops and commercializes fuel cell power plants. It lost $102 million on revenues of $115 million resulting in a 66% yearly drop in share price.
Canada’s largest green energy company by revenue is Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. The company lost $3 million on $81 million and stock fell by 50%.