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Last week we covered the companies which received the highest analyst recommendations and posted positive returns. This week covers the bottom feeder six. These companies all lost more than 75% of their share values during the 52 weeks ended Dec. 19, 2008. There should be some good buys here as the 34 analysts from 29 firms who made the recommendations are not paid to be collectively wrong.
1. Etruscan Resources Inc. (EET) which has gold prospects in Africa, lost 80.1% of its value to stand at $0.215 on Dec. 19, 2008. The 12-month target price for this stock was $1.90 or a 784% increase.
2. Hanwei Energy Services Corp. (HE) manufactures piping for the energy industry. The stock traded at $0.82 after losing 84.3% of its value. The target price on this stock was $3.95 representing an increase of 382%.
3. First Uranium Corp.(FIU) has producing uranium and gold projects in South Africa. First Uranium dropped 81.7% to $1.75 during the 52 weeks ended Dec. 19, 2008. If you bought this stock on that day, you could make 196% on your money if it reaches the target price of $5.18.
4. US Geothermal Inc.(GTH) has interests in geothermal energy projects in the western United States. This stock fell 80.7% to $0.56. If it achieves the target price of $3.35, the return would be 498%.
5. Pan Orient Energy Corp.(POE) holds producing and prospective oil and gas properties in Asia and Alberta. Pan Orient’s stock fell 76.1% to $3.15 per share on Dec. 19, 2008. If it reaches the analyst target price of $9.58, you’d make 204% on your money.
6. Neo Material Technologies Inc. (NEM) manufactures neodymium-iron-boron magnetic powders, rare earths and zirconium-based engineered materials. This stock fell 75.3% to $1.21. Its target price is $4.12 which would result in a 241% return.