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A fascinating new map of Toronto's ethnic distribution

Immigrants flocking to the suburbs


Toronto is one of the most ethnically diverse cities on the planet. Over half its residents are now foreign-born, and unlike the European immigrants of yesteryear, few are white. (Currently, the top immigrant-source countries in Canada are the Philippines, China and India.) The city has done another 180 of sorts. Once, downtown Toronto was more ethnically diverse than its suburbs, birthing many of the city’s best neighbourhoods, from Chinatown to Greektown, but the opposite is true today. Downtown has gentrified and grown expensive. Immigrant families are thus veering to the suburbs instead. A new map created by Jeff Clark, a developer for Neoformix, reflects this modern-day reality. Suburbs like Markham and Brampton are the new landing strips. If you needed evidence, Clark’s zoomable map, which plots 5.7 million inhabitants using data from the new National Household Survey, paints a very precise picture. Check it out here.