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“A dollar saved is two dollars earned”

Today is Boxing Day, the prime day of the year to buy things on sale.Whoever gets out and snags some deals will probably be earning a better return on their time than if they had volunteered towork today at overtime rates.
Thats because a dollar saved is two dollars earned, as Roy Miller quips in David Chiltons The Wealthy Barber[published in 1989]. Miller adds:
If by buying at a liquidation sale, Tom saves $200 on the price of a VCR, it amounts to pretty much the sameas a $400 bonus [after tax]. Many people would work overtime on a holiday weekend to earn a $400 bonus but those same people cant be bothered to spend three hours comparison shopping. It doesnt make sense!
These days it makes even less sense tonot to look for bargains because you can considerably reduce your shopping timeby going online to sites like Today, for example, that site has a list of Boxing Day specialsat various retailers — which let’s you zero in on the places you want to visit. What may have taken three hours now takes maybe an hour.
For other days of the year, there are plenty of coupon websites that provide opportunities to save. Beside they include:,,,, and