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221,917 Recessions

An Infomart search through Canadian content for the 12 months ended Mar. 31, 2009, turned up the word recession 221,917 times. A like 12-month search in the last major recession ending in 1991 returned 23,196 hits. Depression returns 4,582 hits for the 1991 cycle and 94,713 mentions in 2008-2009. News sources have mentioned recession 9.6 times more and depression 20.7 times more in the current period. You could read the word recession 608 times a day, 25 times an hour. In the last 12 days alone, recession crops up over 12,000 times or more than 1,000 times a day. It’s enough to make anyone feel poorly. The bright spot to this tsunami of news, the word recovery comes up 190,543 times in the current period, 24.6 times more than the 7,743 mentions in 1990-1991.