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2010 Investor 500

This year’s Canadian Business Investor 500 is on the stands and shows how investment life can change over one year. During the one year ended April 1, 2010, total market capitalization for the 500 rose by 43% or $489,828,000,000 to stand at $1,639,225,000,000. In 2009, a company needed $94,000,000 in market cap to be on the list. This year that number more than doubled to $190,700,000. Median share returns showed impressive improvements. The TSX composite had a one-year return of 40% for the 12 months ended Apr. 1, 2010 compared with a loss of 30.8% for the 12 months ended Apr. 3, 2009. The Investor 500 members came in with a median one-year return of 74.5% in 2010 compared with a loss of 36.3% in 2009. In 2010, only 26 companies on the list lost money for their holders. In 2009, 449 companies experienced negative one-year returns.
Pick up an issue of the Investor 500, it’s a pretty exhaustive summary of one of the biggest stock turnarounds in history.