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10 Years of Investor 500s

Canadian Business Magazinehas been doing company rankings since the early 1970s. The Investor 500, where Canada’s largest companies by market capitalization are ranked by their one-year returns, is now 10 years old. A lot has changed since the first issue.
Of the five companies with the best one-year returns in 2000, three are acquired or delisted and two still continue under different names but with less than $4 million in market capitalization.
All of the companies below, representing over $191 million in market capitalization, are now gone off Canadian stock exchanges.

Company Market Cap. $Millions
724 Solutions Inc. 2,220
Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. 3,299
Alberta Energy Co. Ltd. 8,606
Alcan Aluminium Ltd. 10,886
Aliant Inc. 4,465
Anderson Exploration Ltd. 3,489
ATI Technologies Inc. 6,155
BC Gas Inc. 1,150
BCE Emergis Inc. 5,907
Bell Canada Intl. Inc. 2,378
Berkley Petroleum Corp. 1,244
BioChem Pharma Inc. 3,379
Canada Life Financial 4,489
Clearnet Communications 1,895
C-MAC Industries Inc. 3,686
Cognos Inc. 3,935
Cominco Ltd. 2,044
Creo Products Inc. 2,219
Crestar Energy Inc. 1,384
Dofasco Inc. 2,013
Domtar Inc. 3,126
Encal Energy Ltd. 1,101
Falconbridge Ltd. 4,416
Fletcher Challenge Canada 2,161
Four Seasons Hotels Inc. 2,593
Franco-Nevada Mining 2,871
Gulf Canada Resources 2,354
Hudson’s Bay Co. 1,273
Hummingbird Ltd. 1,144
Inco Ltd. 4,924
Intrawest Corp. 1,203
Le Groupe Videotron Ltee 2,343
Mackenzie Financial Corp. 2,790
Microcell Telecom. 999
Moffat Communications 1,089
Molson Inc. 1,199
Placer Dome Inc. 4,144
Renaissance Energy Ltd. 2,351
Rio Algom Ltd. 1,134
Rio Alto Exploration Ltd. 2,155
Royal Group Technologies 2,429
Seagram Co. Ltd. 31,859
Shell Canada Ltd. 9,476
Sobeys Inc. 1,286
TD Waterhouse Group 8,953
Teleglobe Inc. 7,741
Telesystem Intl. Wireless 2,183
Trilon Financial Corp. 1,123
TrizecHahn Corp. 3,555
Westcoast Energy Inc. 2,787

Nortel Networks was by far the largest company with a market capitalization of over $229 billion. That was at a post-consolidated price of $788.50 per share, about 64% of the all-time high in July 2000. By Apr. 3, 2009, Nortel had dropped 99.97% of its 2000 Investor 500 worth to $0.25 per share. That’s a loss in value of $6,800 for every man, woman and child in the country.
The 2009 edition of the Investor 500 came out yesterday. It shows where money was lost and gained over the last year and gives some good advice on where the market might be headed. It’s worth a read.